Facility/Equipment RentalResearch facilities such as interview room and shopping simulation room
are available for rental.

OsakaInterview Facility/Equipment Rental

  • Our interview facility is equipped with systems that make remote observation of researches possible such as video conferencing system and video streaming system, not to mention recording devices.
  • In a supermarket shopping simulation room, you can display products at your own disposal and track consumers' shopping behavior.
  • An eye tracker for eye movement measurement is also available for your research.(Cost estimated separately)
  • As for provision of video images, please choose your preferred recording medium when filling out our formal reservation form online.
  • インタビュールーム
    Interview Room(Orange Room)The room is set up with ambiance where test target could talk as if they were in their own living room.
    • Interpreter's booth is set up in a room with one-way mirror where clients can observe the research in a raised platform.
    • Spacious facility that can accommodate total 22 people, with 15 people in the monitoring room and 7 in the room with one-way mirror.

  • ヘアケア
    Shopping Simulation Room(Fem Mart)Oftentimes, you can not get a permission from real stores though you wish to interview consumers there for shopper behavior research or package qualification. That's exactly when you should use our shopping facility.
    • Shop along or package qualification researches can be conducted in the same way as the ones conducted at real stores.
    • Also equipped with a monitoring room with interpreter's booth in it.
    • Eye tracker for eye movement measurement is also available.(Cost estimated separately)
  • Floor plan and Equipments
    Floor plan and Equipments

Equipments Available

Basic Equipments/Services (included in the rental charge)

  • Audiovisual system DVD player (in interview room)
  • Whiteboard
  • Internet connection
  • Stationery
  • Refrigerator available(Limited in space)

Options (with additional charges)

  • Equipments
    • Simultaneous translation equipment
    • Audio conferencing equipment
    • Projector
    • Copy, Fax
  • Other Services
    • Receptionist and other personnel service
    • Parcel delivery service
    • Mineral water, Tea
    • We offer
      · Zoom · Zoom Webinar · WebEx
      · Microsoft Teams · Blue jeans
      You can use as.
      ①Platform for online interview
      ②Platform for live streaming(Facility research)
      ③Platform for online meeting

Rental Charge

Interview Room(Orange Room)

*The rental charge does not include tax. Consumption tax will be added to the bill.
Time Slot Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Morning (9:30-13:00) 32,000yen


Afternoon (13:30-17:30) 34,000yen 38,000yen
Evening/Night (18:00-21:30) 37,000yen 42,000yen
Full Day (9:30-21:30) 95,000yen 105,000yen
Overtime Weekday Weekend/Holiday
per 30mins in Morning/Afternoon 5,000yen 6,000yen
21:30-22:00 6,000yen 7,000yen
22:00-22:30 7,000yen 8,000yen

Shopping Simulation Room(Fem Mart)Charge (incl. interview space & monitoring room *Please note Fem Mart is NOT equipped with a room with one-way mirror.)

*The rental charge does not include tax. Consumption tax will be added to the bill.
Time Slot Weekday Weekend/Holiday
Full Day (9:30-21:30) 180,000yen 200,000yen
9:00-9:30 10,000yen 12,000yen
per 30mins from 21:30 15,000yen 20,000yen
*Fem Mart is now rented only on a full-day basis.

Optional Services Charge

*The rental charge does not include tax. Consumption tax will be added to the bill.
Simultaneous translation equipment
  • per slot
  • one day
  • 5,000yen
  • 15,000yen
Video conferencing system/
Live streaming system
one day 20,000yen
Eye Tracker   (Cost estimated separately)
Color copy per copy 100yen
Black-and-white copy per copy 50yen
FAX message per message 20yen
  • per slot (weekday)
  • full-day (weekday)
  • per slot (weekend/holiday)
  • full-day (weekend/holiday)
  • 5,000yen
  • 15,000yen
  • 8,000yen
  • 24,000yen
*Receptionist service only includes receiving and guiding of, and serving beverage to respondents.
Providing assistance to clients is not included in the service.
Mineral water per 1.5L bottle 300yen
per 500ml bottle 200yen
Tea per 2L bottle 300yen
per 500ml bottle 200yen
Parcel delivery service Billed at cost  
Management Fee 15% of total cost  
Charge for garbage disposal Up to 1 large garbage bag is free. Additional disposal will be charged 500yen

Rent Policy

  1. Regarding usage of shopping simulation room(Fem Mart)

    Please arrange products, etc. on your own.
    After usage, please put everything back to where they were originally before leaving the facility.
  2. Rental Hours

    The time slot of facility rental is from the start(entering the room) to the end(leaving the room) of the room usage. Please put preparation for and clearing up after interviews into consideration when making a reservation.
    If it exceeds the designated time slot, overtime will be charged.
    Even if you leave the room earlier than the reserved timing, you will still be billed based on the originally reserved time slots.
  3. Overtime

    • Our facility is open from 9:30-21:30. It is possible to extend the rental hours from 9:00-9:30 and 21:30-22:30. (Please refer to the rental charge list for overtime charge.)
    • As for the time frame not stated above, please contact us.
    • Overtime will be charged when entering earlier than 9:30 or leaving later than 21:30, even in case of full-day reservation.
    • Entering or leaving the room 15 minutes or more earlier or later than the designated time will be charged with 30 minute overtime fee.
  4. Reservation

    Tentative reservations will be made only via phone, in order to avoid doublebooking caused by time lag.
    Tentative reservation will be considered as confirmed reservation if we do not hear from you until 14 days prior to the reserved date. (Please be aware that cancellation fee will be charged after this.)
    Application made 14 days or less prior to the interview date will be automatically considered as confirmed reservation.(Make sure to check room availability beforehand.)
    Cancellation made after confirmed reservation will incur a cancellation fee (100% of rental charge).
    Please note that if confirmed reservation is made for a tentatively-reserved date/time slot, confirmed reservation will take precedence over tentative reservation.
  5. Cancellation

    Cancellation made after confirmed reservation will incur a cancellation fee (100% of rental charge).
  6. Payment

    Please make payment within 2 weeks after the usage.
    Please understand that we might turn down your next reservation if payment is not made on time.
  7. Provision of Video Images

    When reserving our facility, please let us know if you need the video images provided to you after the research or not.
    (Even if you don’t need it, we do record your interviews on HDD.)
    Up to 1 DVD-recording (per rental time slot) is free.
    (Will be shipped at your own expense from the next day onwards.)
    Additional fee will be charged if you request recording with other recording medium. (No additional charge if you bring your own recording medium with you.)
    Sharing video images on our cloud storage is free.
    (Video images will be shared from the next day onwards. Compliant data formats are limited.)
  8. Other important reminder

    • If you break or lose any equipment, furniture and fittings in the facility, we will ask for your compensation at cost. Also, if you have moved any of the equipment, furniture and fitting during your usage, please put them back to where they were originally before leaving the facility.
    • Bringing of dangerous objects and use of products causing fire in the facility are prohibited.
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