Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd., through marketing research, summarizes respondents' opinions and real state of life, and contributes to society by providing such summary to client corporations and organizations. Fully aware of recent societal demand for protection of personal information, we observe domestic laws and ensure the safety of respondents' and information providers' personal information by managing and storing such data appropriately. We hereby lay down "Personal Information Protection Policy" and express our determination for all directors and employees of Fem Marketing House to strictly abide by the policy and practice everyday work in accordance with the policy.

1. Collection, usage, provision of personal information
Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd. promises the following, regarding collection, usage, provision of personal information.
  • Collection of personal information is carried out through an appropriate and fair method with clearly stating the usage objective of collected information.
  • Usage of personal information is done within the range of usage objectives consented by the date subject.
  • In principle, we do not provide personal information to a third party. In case of provision, however, the information will be provided to a third party with the advance consent of the date subject.
  • Personal information will be kept accurate and constantly updated.
2. Observation of laws and regulations regarding personal information protection.
Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd., when handling personal information, observes domestic laws and guidelines regarding personal information protection.
3. Prevention and correction of leakage, loss, and damage of personal information
Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd. takes security measures organizationally, manually, physically, and technically to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information. In case of such emergency, we will take countermeasures in a prompt manner.
The details of security measures are stipulated in "Personal Information Management Regulations - Security Measures Regulations," which is a code of conduct for all employees.
4. Attending to complaints and inquiries
At Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd., in case of receiving inquiries/complaints from our panel regarding collection, usage, provision of personal information, the person in charge (Personal Information Manager) will attend to them and solve problems in a prompt manner.
5. Continuous improvement of personal information protection system
Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd., while having its employees observe internal regulations stipulated in "Basic Rules on Personal Information Management" and others to protect personal information, regularly conducts internal inspections in order to review and improve its personal protection system.

Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd. promises to protect personal information by having all its employees fully understand the aim of this privacy policy and strictly observe it.

Koji Hamada, CEO
Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd
June 1, 2005
(Revised December 11, 2021)

Fem Marketing House was granted the Privacy Mark by JIPDEC on May 23, 2006.

About Privacy Mark

Privacy Mark is a certificate regarding the handling of personal information, managed by JIPDEC. JIPDEC examines applicants based on JIS Q15001 and authorizes those recognized as having a proper system to handle personal data to use “Privacy Mark” for their business activities.

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