Consumer Panel NetworkHighly dense consumer information/Abundant pool of consumer panel

Highly dense consumer information/Abundant pool of consumer panel

We have approximately 35,000 female panel who are willing to participate in qualitative researches conducted by Fem Marketing House.
With approximately 50 items of information about individual consumer registered with our system, we are ready to provide highly difficult recruiting service.
Consumer panel information is managed and operated through our unique "F-net Search System."
Those who actually recruit test targets are Fem Marketing House employees.
This is how Fem Marketing House select respondents who meet highly difficult criteria and provide them to our clients.

4 Principles of Recruiting

What determines the research's success or failure is whether we have the test target appropriate for answering the research question.
Research agencies have to provide respondents who meet the criteria required by clients.
Fem Marketing House operates a rich pool of consumer panel with highly dense personal information registration.
Recruiting of test target with low incidence rate is also possible. Actually, we do a lot of recruiting in these areas of low incidence respondents.

Regarding test target recruiting, Fem Marketing House sticks to the 4 principles below. This is because we pursue client satisfaction and successful research completion.

4 Principles of Recruiting

  1. Fully understand the client's research question and recruiting criteria required for the research.
  2. Rough screening is conducted based on demographic information in a pool of consumer panel exceeding 35,000 (1st screening). Then, we screen by a questionnaire for each research theme (2nd screening). Fem employees call up the screened consumers to check if the person meets the criteria (3rd screening) and narrow down potential respondents.
  3. Meeting the criteria is essential. In addition to that, we check the person's ability to explain something, articulation, and willingness to cooperate with us in the course of research via direct phone conversation, and combined with 2.(above) we comprehensively judge their aptitude as test target.
  4. Take on a challenge of difficult recruiting and of recruiting low incidence segment. Proactively develop innovators of consumption, segments with high educational background and with high income, etc.

Panel ProfilePanel pool of 35,000 focusing on leader segments of consumer life.

Let us guide you through Fem Marketing House's panel pool.

  • Panel Size : Approximately 35,000 with focus on females
  • 50 items of information is registered/managed within the system
  • By age group, young age group and middle age group each constitute about half of the panel. We especially have rich pool of people in 30's and 40's playing the central role in consumer life. (Diagram 1)
  • By marital status, we have a balance of 60% married and 40% single. (Diagram 2-1)
  • As for employment status, full-time housewife constitutes half of married people. In case of single, full-time working constitutes nearly half. We have a "stable" balance in terms of household or occupation. (Diagram 2-2 ,Diagram 2-3
  • As for area of residence, 60% in Kansai area and 30% in the Greater Tokyo Area, which reflects the length of our business operation in Osaka, where Fem Marketing House was first founded.
    We are now trying to increase the panel size in Tokyo area. (Diagram 3-1~3
  • Average household income is 5,500,000 yen and about 61% of households are with income below average, according to "Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions" conducted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In case of our registered panel, however, average household income is 6,630,000 yen. Our panel has bigger percentage of wealthy class.(Diagram 4
As of April 2016
  1. Diagram 1. By Age Group
  2. Diagram 2 By Marital Status
  3. Diagram 3.  By Area of Residence
  4. Diagram 4.  By Annual Household Income
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