Marketing ServicesWe select a method most suitable for the research objective.

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities necessary for interviews and behavior observationInterview Facility/Equipment

In qualitative researches, an interviewer and a test subject interact with each other in a quiet, closed space. This means it requires a room exclusively made for interviews. All equipments necessary for interview execution we own are leading edge.
For observational research, we have shopping simulation facilities and an eye tracker to track consumers' shopping behavior.

A List of Facilities/Equipments

Facility Type Specifications/Contents
Interview Interview room Room with one-way mirror
AV equipment (Interview room) 32V type
(Back room) 32V type Wide
*HDMI cable is prepared
Video conferencing system/
Live streaming system
Zoom·Zoom Webinar· WebEx
Microsoft Teams·Bluejeans
Internet connection LAN cable、Wi-Fi
White Board Size:W1890×H1800×D570
Board surface :W1760×H865(mm)
Shopping Simulation Facility "Fem Mart" Supermarket-type / Drugstore-type
Eye tracker Wearable-type
Copier Photo Copy、FAX、Scan、
Print out (USB/PC connection)
Other Refrigerator Rental space W485×D345×H265 (mm)
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