Marketing Support in Asian Market

We are a group of professional female researchers.

Our everyday life scenes are mainly led by women. Women are a main player in the field of marketing.
Those who are well aware of such womenユs minds and behaviors are also women themselves.
We are constantly looking into womenユs life scenes through the eyes of women.

  • Supporting a Multi-National Corporation for their Research Activities

    For the past 20 years, Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd. has been conducting consumer marketing researches for a leading multinational corporation.
    Now the client company has built a competitive edge in the mature Japanese market.

  • Integrated Qualitative Research Service

    We specialize in qualitative research in which respondentsユ deep insights and behaviors are explored and causation for those behaviors/reactions is pursued.
    We provide a comprehensive service from research planning, execution to strategy proposal.

  • Research Method to Explore Deep Consumer Insight

    We select the research method most suitable for the research objective in order to solve clientユs marketing issues

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Fem Marketing House Co., Ltd. is a research company with its head office in Japan.
The number of requests from the multinational corporation for supporting their marketing research in Asian Market has been increasing. We also receive requests from local enterprises in foreign countries to conduct marketing researches in Japan.
Considering these circumstances, we established an overseas office in Singapore and started providing qualitative research service in several countries in Asia.

The reason for us to base ourselves in Asia
and offer market research service is threefold.

  1. Research execution at global standard

    Our big strength is the ability to apply the research know-hows we have been accumulating for many years by conducting researches for a major multi-national corporation in Japan to the researches in ASEAN counties.

  2. Showing clearly specific properties of each country

    Through understanding consumers' living environment/needs unique to each country and bringing their specific properties to sharp relief, efficient business development in ASEAN countries is promised.

  3. Like to experience "growth" once again from maturity

    Japanese market has reached its maturity. We would like to discover something new in a fast-growing Asian market and would like to grow with client corporations trying to develop a new market.

  • We conduct more than 300 researches annually within Japan on various marketing issues.
  • Please see some examples below:

    1. Explore new product ideas and/or new market by closely looking at consumers' lives and issues they have
    2. Develop a concept for a new brand/product and give shape to its specifications
    3. Decide on the price that will be accepted by consumers and at the same time win the competition
    4. Look for the most suitable distribution channel and/or sales method for a new product
    5. Come up with the media mix suitable for new brand/product
    6. Look into the reason for dropped sales and revive the product

We are proud to support your overseas operations in
Southeast Asian countries through research services in the same quality as the ones in Japan.

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