Facility/Equipment RentalResearch facilities such as interview room and shopping simulation room
are available for rental.

FAQ on Facility Rental

What kind of equipment is audio conferencing system?

It is a system to enable the communication of sound only.

Just by connecting to the analog line, you can start an audio conference.
*Test is required before usage
System Used:

(call charge not included)

About the time to enter or leave the room
30-minute overtime will be charged when entering or leaving the room 15 minutes or more earlier or later than the designated time, even when you are not requesting the extension of rental hours.
If you wish to extend the rental hours on the day of research, please check first with our Facility Rental SPOC as there may be somebody else reserving the room for the same time slot. Also, please note that in case you requested rental hour extension prior to the research day and ended up leaving the room earlier than the original schedule, you will still be billed at extended rental hours.
Receiving and sending parcels on your behalf.
When you send parcels to our facility location before research day, be sure to let us know following information in advance: “Contact person’s name” ”Size and number of parcels” ”Expected arrival date and time”
  • We only receive parcels paid by the shipper.
  • We will not receive parcels that do not match with above information you provided.
  • In order to prevent your parcels mixed up with someone else’s, please include following information on the delivery slip: “Contact person’s name” “Facility rental date (e.g. Parcel for facility rental on March 20(Wed) Morning & Afternoon slots)
  • We do not check the contents of arrived parcels or unpack/display them on the shelf.
  • We do not take any responsibility for any damage/staining on parcels caused before arriving our location.
  • When renting shopping simulation room (Fem Mart ), we receive up to 3 parcels for free, regardless of the size. From the 4th parcel onward, JPY2000 will be charged per parcel.
  • If you wish to send parcels from our facility, please fill out the delivery slip on your own to prevent them arriving wrong address. If you intend to bring in your own delivery service slip, please prepare one for Yamato Transport. (Yamato Transport delivery slips are available at our facility, too.)
Can I use the internet in your facility?
You can use the internet in both interview room and monitoring room. Please bring in your own PC.(via. Wi-Fi or wire-line connection)
How many people can you accommodate in your Interview Room(Orange Room)?
Interview Room(Orange Room)
Interview room: up to 8
Monitoring room: up to 15
*Room with one-way mirror can accommodate around 7 people each.
I would like to request name tags. What is the size?
5.5 cm x 9.0 cm
Can I make a tentative reservation? And in that case, can I cancel the reservation?
Yes, we do accept tentative reservations.
Tentative reservations will be made only via phone, in order to avoid doublebooking caused by time lag.
No cancellation fee will be charged for tentative reservations.
However, cancellation made after confirmed reservation will incur a cancellation fee.
Tentative reservation is available only until 2 weeks prior to the interview date.
*Please be aware that all tentative reservations will be automatically considered confirmed if no cancellation notification is made to us until the above date.
Can we ask you to buy boxed lunches for us?
Yes, you can. However, we cannot take any orders on the research day, so please let us know 3 days prior to the research day how many and at what time you need those boxed lunches.
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